To the Editor,

I support Tom Malinowski, the Democratic candidate for New Jersey’s Seventh District, because he believes in affordable healthcare for all.

New Jerseyans and all Americans need access to treatment for their ailments, whether they’re pre-existing, recently contracted, or caused in a freak accident. Tom has shown consistent support for protections for those with preexisting conditions, reintroducing cost-sharing subsidies to lower premiums, and he will fight to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, which will lower the costs of prescription drugs for everyone.

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Leonard Lance has consistently stepped on the necks of working and middle class Americans, supporting measures to limit access to affordable healthcare. He’s voted to gut protections for preexisting conditions over 19 times, and helped to push the GOP healthcare plan through committee.

It’s time for our district to have a representative who stands up for our, and every American’s, right to healthcare. Vote for Tom Malinowski in November.


Sam Lee