BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Nina Burns, an 18 year old Berkeley Heights resident, is getting the chance of a lifetime as a contestant on the 10th season of the hit show America’s Next Top Model. Nina graduated from Governor Livingston High school in 2012 and is currently attending LIM College, majoring in Visual Merchandizing in New York City. She has been watching the hit show since she was just 8 years old. Although modeling has always been just a hobby for Nina, she always dreamed of being on America’s Next Top Model.  

When Nina turned 18, she was finally able to try out for the show. On December 5, Nina drove by herself to Philadelphia to audition. When auditioning for America’s Next Top model, one needs to be prepared and come with a lengthy 13 page application and three different types of photos: a head shot, a bathing suit shot and a full body shot, which in Nina's case were taken by her mother and close friends.

On January 21, Nina learned that she was chosen out of thousands of applicants to be a contestant on the show. Nina’s parents are both proud of their daughter for making it this far.  Her mother Jill told that “one of the biggest things that made Nina stand out is that she is a hula hoop artist.” Nina has been performing this unique talent since she was 15 years old. Jill mentioned that hula hooping is not just Nina's talent, it’s also her “exercise, therapy and meditation.”

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Voting for America's Next Top Model is taking place online at  on March 7th,10th,14th,17th, 23, 26th and April 3rd.

All online votes will be tabulated and considered with the votes of the judges to determine who will be eliminated during each judging session.  

Should a contestant not make it on to the next round they have another chance - - the  fan favorite will be picked and brought back towards the end of the show when it starts to air in June.