BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Lucinda Hayes' drawing of the Town Hall won the Downtown Beautification Committee's (DBT) ornament design contest. 

The announcement was made by Julie Lloyd, a member of the committee, during the Aug. 15 meeting of the Township Committee. A total of seven entries were received and "every single one of those entries was absolutely beautiful," she said.  The judges narrowed their favorites down to two and the committee chose Hayes' entry as the winner.

The drawing will be reproduced on ornaments and the year 2017 will be added. The ornament will be sold later this year for $10. Last year the committee sold 500 ornaments with the train station on them and expects to sell the same number of the new ornaments this year, using the profits from last year's sale to purchase the new ornaments. Lloyd received approval from the council to place the order for the ornaments.

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The DBT has a new project, adding historical banners to its current group of banners. Currently there are Holiday, Welcome to Berkeley Heights, Experience Berkeley Heights, and Hometown Heroes banners. Working in collaboration with the Berkeley Heights Historical Society they came up with banners that will "educate visitors about the unique history and traditions of Berkeley Heights," she said. The history of each banner will be explained on the "Experience Berkeley Heights" website.  There are three categories -- Inventions, Landmarks and Traditions - and the banners will use the color pallet of the Berkeley Heights brand, the same color pallet used in the Welcome to Berkeley Heights signs, park signs, the Restaurant Week ads and other branded items.

The committee worked with the Historical Society and Nokia-Bell on the inventions area. The banners will honor items invented in Berkeley Heights: the Solar Cell, Transistor, Telstar Satellite, C Programming Language, Laser, Unix Operating System and Digital Camera. Each of these were invented at Bell Labs.

There will be four landmarks honored: Littel-Lord Farmstead, the Deserted Village, Free Acres and Columbia School. 

The Traditions that will be honored are Highlander Pride and the Feast of Mount Carmel.

Nokia-Bell offered to pay for the Invention banners, so the committee only needs $1,094, which is in the committee's account, Lloyd said. The entire Downtown Beautification Committee worked on it, people from Nokia-Bell and Dan Palladino from the Historical Committee, "but the real key are Anne and Ben Bartholomew," she said. They worked on all the banner designs, also the Restaurant Week website and passports and "Ben designed the whole back end of the Experience Berkeley Heights website," and all of the work has been done pro bono, Lloyd said.

The council approved the banners, which are not expected to be used until 2018.