As a general rule, men are more likely to physically react during a conflict while women are more likely to verbally react when conflict arises. This generalization becomes even more complicated when young men and women begin to party and socialize during their high school, college and early working years.


Plan before you go out - not just where to go and who to see, but what to avoid and who to avoid. More importantly, share your plans and limitations with a ‘buddy’, someone who has the discipline to know her limits and can help maintain yours.

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Everyone knows the adage of ‘nothing good happens after midnight’ or ‘don’t go down dark alleys’, but ‘everyone’s selling something’, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ and ‘beware of the quiet ones’ can also be added to the list. Know which activities you are willing to engage in or not and draw a firm red line for yourself ahead of time. If you are wishy-washy about your boundaries then you will end up having no boundaries. This is another reason to have a ‘buddy’ to back up your boundaries when you’re not thinking clearly.


Take a self-defense course so that you can learn what you don’t know. Study a martial art, read some books on criminal justice, violence, fear, etc. If you know what people are capable of, then you will want to learn what you are capable of if you ever have to protect yourself. Education beats hesitation.

Like fire extinguishers, airbags and seatbelts, no one plans to have a fire or an accident, but if something doesn’t go to plan, you’re much safer being prepared, preventing injury and protecting yourself and your loved ones so that everyone goes home safely.


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