BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - On April 25, William Woodruff School held an Arbor Day/Earth Day celebration.   During the celebration, Mrs. Diana Bjorge, the school art teacher, presented the students with Peace Poles.  The Peace Poles were purchased through a grant funded by the Berkeley Heights Education Foundation (BHEF).  Ten trees will be planted in Africa for each Peace Pole that was purchased.

During Mrs. Bjorge’s dedication, she explained that the Peace Poles represent a symbol of peace in the world and the community.  There are approximately 240,000 Peace Poles around the world.   Among other places, they can be found at the World Trade Center Site and the United Nations building in New York City.

Woodruff School will display one Peace Pole in its lobby and present the other one as a gift to Mary Kay McMillin Early Childhood Center, another Berkeley Heights school.  Each school’s Peace Pole is inscribed with words and pictures.  Woodruff's Peace Pole has one phrase “May Peace Prevail on Earth” written in four different languages.  The languages represent the four most dominant nationalities at the school - English, Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi.  The Mary Kay McMillin Peace Pole has three different sayings.  They include the phrases “May Peace Prevail in our Hearts, May Peace Prevail in our Homes, and May Peace Prevail on Earth.”

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Students at both schools drew pictures of their interpretation of the meaning of peace. The drawings were incorporated into a unified design that the Woodruff fourth and fifth grade students painted onto the Peace Poles. For more information on the Peace Pole Project – Planting the Universal Message of Peace, please visit their website at

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