Today, Governor Murphy announced that New Jersey residents 65 and older – and anyone ages 16 to 64 with chronic medical conditions – will be eligible starting tomorrow to get a COVID-19 vaccination. As of now, registrations are only taking place online.

We understand there is a lot of confusion over how – and when – to register, and I am working feverishly with our Town Hall employees, Office of Emergency Management, town seniors and others to put a system into place to help register our seniors for their vaccinations if they are not able to register online. For now, here is what we know.

  1. Union County residents MUST REGISTER on the Union County vaccination site at You should not register at the state site. As of this post, the state site is not yet connected to the County site, so registrations may get lost. If you have already registered with the state, make an appointment with the county THEN cancel your appointment.
  2. If you have access to a computer and fall under the category currently allowed to be vaccinated, you must register online.
  3. Once you access the vaccination site, you will be asked to choose a date and time, then must fill out information such as name, birthdate, address and gender.
  4. Vaccinations are taking place at the Union County COVID testing center at Kean University, Monday through Friday, 3-7 pm.

Here is what we are doing, or in the process of doing, for our older seniors who do not have a computer or access to the Internet:

  • Our Office of Emergency Management Coordinator or Deputy will drop off registration forms at Park Edge for residents who do not have computer access to fill out. OEM will collect those forms a few days later (to be coordinated with Park Edge representatives).
  • Volunteers will take those forms and register those seniors online, then contact those seniors with their vaccination date and time.
  • We are exploring setting up a vaccine hotline at Town Hall where residents who cannot register online can leave their information and be registered in the County system by volunteers.
  • We are exploring ways to help seniors get to the vaccination site at Kean – whether that be by use of the senior bus or other means.

Please know that we are working round the clock to get more information as it comes out, and to put a system into place to get our community’s most vulnerable vaccinated as soon as we can. Thank you and we will issue more information as we get it.