I want to remind the residents of Berkeley Heights to write-in Chris Rinaldi for the Board of Education when you go to the polls on November 8th.  The quality of our schools is important to all home owners and not only to the parents of school-age children.  We have made good progress, progressed in rankings and I see we have Strategic Plans over the next few years to continue our trajectory of improvement, culminating to ultimately ensure our kids are as college ready as possible.  We need to collectively continue to make certain that we provide a safe environment at our schools and utilize “lessons learned.” 

Reviewing metrics and identifying key performance indicators to track the effectiveness of the staff and the schools will continue to evolve.  In an environment that recognizes performance, Berkeley Heights will be in the best position to attract, hire, retain and reward the best of people.

I will endeavor to always seek feedback from our community as you/we make up the fabric of who we are and where we need to go. The response that I have received in the past few weeks since I decided to run for the Board of Education is overwhelming and has made me even more excited about sitting on the Board.  I look forward to your Vote and giving me the opportunity to represent you and the priorities we mutually share.

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