My wife and I moved to Berkeley Heights a few years ago because we knew this would be a great place to live and to raise our kids. We love living here but we see a lot of things that can be better. Our street is pocked with potholes and broken pavement that have gone unaddressed, as are many of those where friends and fellow parents live. We’ve seen the poor conditions on some of our sports fields and worry about how safe our kids will be when they grow old enough to play on them. As newcomers and millennials, we find it difficult to find out what’s going on or what town government is working on.

I support Stephen Yellin and Jill Zatta because they have the ability to bring the kind of Positive Change we need. Their strong local roots, unmatched experience in community involvement and building a successful business from the ground up, and solutions-driven plans to fix our roads and sports fields make them the best team to vote for. I’ve never had a candidate or elected official ask me for my opinion before; Stephen and Jill not only have done that for me but for hundreds more across Berkeley Heights.

Their opponents say we are moving “together forward”; I, along with a growing movement of Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike, beg to disagree. We need new leaders to bring new, much-needed change to Berkeley Heights. That’s why I’m voting for Stephen Yellin and Jill Zatta, the Positively Berkeley Heights team on Tuesday, Column A, Rows 7 and 8.