BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Yogoccino, an authentic dessert and food restaurant, is the talk of the town. Part dessert destination, part diner, the recently established business has brought in customers of all ages, due to its fresh frozen yogurt and delicious meals that are served daily.

Yogoccino is a large eating establishment near the plaza on Springfield Avenue. The first thing you will notice when you step inside is that the restaurant is split into two different areas. On the left side, there are large tables and a bar where coffee, cappuccino and other hot beverages are served.

On the right side, there are smaller tables and an entertainment area for kids- complete with flat screen TV, karaoke machine, and Ipads that offer free Wi-Fi that rest on the counter over-looking the street.  And towards the back, surrounded and illuminated by multi-colored lights are the famous yogurt machines that make the business possible.

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Stephen Demalia, owner of Yogoccino, spoke about how the business got started. “We opened up less than a year ago. It will be a year in August,” Demalia said. “We started as a yogurt store only, offering 24 flavors of frozen yogurt and over 50 toppings and bottoms. We later changed to an eating establishment offering breakfast and a full menu.

“This has now become a destination place- we have everything. Breakfast, lunch and dessert,” Demalia said, looking around the room. “We also cater and have space for parties. If anyone wanted to have a birthday party, we have a large room downstairs with seats for over 90 people, available. The place is currently being renovated, but it will be bigger and better very soon.”

In addition to the space, the quality of the meals sold here is what really attracts customers. “We offer fresh, fat-free yogurt that most of the other yogurt places don’t have,” said co-owner Steven Guastamacchia.

“The secret behind our fresh product is the cleanliness of our machines. Our yogurt is changed every few hours to ensure that it is fresh for our customers. The cleaner our machines are, the better tasting our yogurt is,” Gustamacchia said.

“What also makes this such a successful business is the fact that nothing like this has ever been done before,” Demalia said. “We have entertainment, dessert, and food all packed into one. We have activities for children and adults. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have an author come in and read to kids for an hour and a half.

“And we are looking to start events for parents like Mom’s Night Out, so that all age groups can participate. That’s the philosophy here at Yogoccino: Family, unity and neighborhood,” Demalia said.