I  am Seth Grossman, a lawyer in Somers Point.   My daughter used to live in Hoboken, but two years ago, she found she could live much better for less in Florida.

I am running for Governor against Chris Christie in the Primary Election next Tuesday, June 4.   Because so few people in primary elections, you have 20 times the voting power in June than you have in November.   

This Tuesday’s Primary Elections let you choose candidates not picked by party bosses.    You don’t have to be registered as a Republican or a Democrat to vote this Tuesday.   You don’t have to pay dues to any political club.   You just show up at your regular polling place and say whether you want to choose the Democratic candidates or the Republican ones.

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At a time when internet technology gives each of us more information than ever on what we need to make the most important decisions for ourselves, there is there is no excuse for government to have more control than ever over our lives.

When we demand laws to fix every problem, we end up with  so many laws that almost everybody is in violation of something.  And taxes that nobody can afford. 

Although these laws are made with good intentions, they end up giving us corrupt “pay to play” politics when people try to make special deals for themselves, instead of  fair laws and low taxes for everyone.

For more information, look for us on the web or on Facebook.   And don’t forget to vote on Tuesday!   Thanks.