Christ Church Summit's Youth Service trip to Managua, Nicaragua Aug. 18th-26th included eight students from Summit High School and Newark Academy, and four adult chaperones, all from Summit and New Providence: Haley Coates, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Clare Loughlin, Clara Mooney, Brad Przedpelski, Chelsea Taylor, Alex Thomson, Rosemary Walter, Ali Caravano, Scott Coates, Assoc. Minister Caroline Dean, and Marilyn Devroye.

The group worked with, an organization that mentors street children, and the Jubilee House Community, which does economic development work in one of the most impoverished areas of Managua.  This was the second annual summer service trip to Nicaragua.  In July, another Christ Church Youth trip of 14 high school students went to Bath, NY to do construction service work.  For further information on Christ Church Summit's Youth programs, please contact Rev. Caroline Dean at