We appreciate everyone’s patience as the votes have been tallied by Union County. Congratulations to Jeanne Kingsley and Jeffrey Varnerin for their win in the Township Council election. There have been a lot of highs and lows in the two weeks since Election Day as the daily vote totals have fluctuated. This was a very close election and truly an election year like no other, and we are thankful democracy was able to flourish in light of the pandemic. 

While we are disappointed in the final results, we are proud of the positive campaign we ran and we would not change a thing. We are proud of our platform, and the real ideas that we put forth to move Berkeley Heights forward. We are proud of how we put the safety of our community ahead of our own concerns. We are proud that so many people showed their support. We are proud of our supporters who stood by us and propelled us through this unusual campaign.

We both received more votes than any Democrats in the proud history of this town, and we won among independent voters during this election. Democrats are very much in the minority in Berkeley Heights and it will always be difficult for people who run on our ticket to win, even when they are committed to being non-partisan in approach and priorities as we were. Yet this will not discourage us. 

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The final numbers show that residents are almost equally divided in their vision of who should lead our town, and we expect the Council to operate in a non-partisan manner to represent all of us. We can be united in working together to make our town better. We stand committed to the Township of Berkeley Heights and will continue to volunteer and serve our community because this is and never was about us. It is about you and the future of everyone in this great town. 

In other words, you haven’t seen the last of us. 

Be well and be safe,

Susan Poage and Bret Sayre