We have been talking to the people of Berkeley Heights for most of this unusual year about our platform and our priorities, but what we have also been doing is listening. There are two things residents in this town want to improve our community: real ideas and positivity. The smiles on our neighbors faces when we share that message with them only reinforces how important it is. And yet here we are less than two weeks to go before Election Day, and we are right back where we always seem to end up: with fear mongering tactics thrown out by people who refuse to accept that their old clubhouse continues to be disturbed. We see it, we see through it and we actively choose not to do the same.

As difficult as it is to see both untrue and misleading claims about us floating around, it is equally as heartening to see all of the people in the comments who are fighting back against this kind of politicking. And that is what we take with us to keep us going over the last days of this campaign. The kindness of both those who knew us before we were candidates—and the kindness of those who have come to know us through this process.

When we say we are listening, we actually mean it. Susan has consistently heard the needs and concerns of residents throughout her term. Bret has pledged to start an Open Office Hours program if he is elected specifically to hear what is important and concerning to residents in Berkeley Heights. The notion that we could be painted as not wanting to get the town’s input on an important issue or reject the notion of a referendum to get further information about how voters feel is simply untrue and something we can’t stay silent about. The silence of our opponents, however, speaks volumes. 

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It is this type of fear mongering that causes good people in this town with good ideas not to want to run for public office. However, we are encouraged by all the residents that, like us, are not going to stand for it or be deterred by it. We will continue to fight for what the people of Berkeley Heights want and deserve. We will continue to do exactly what we signed up to do, and do it soaked in the positive, ideas-based campaign that our community deserves from us. 

We have a choice in this election. We can choose to see a positive way forward, or we can focus on negative attacks that aim to make people afraid. We choose positivity. And that is why we are excited to support Joe Biden for President and proud to share a column with him on the ballot. If you want to understand why our opponents think this style of politics is acceptable, you need not look any further than the top of their ticket.

A vote for us in the Township Council race is a vote for what Berkeley Heights can be over the coming decades. A vote for us means moving forward on infrastructure repairs. A vote for us means helping our local business thrive through the pandemic and beyond. A vote for us means maintaining fiscal responsibility by accessing new revenue streams. A vote for us means allowing our Seniors, and rising Seniors, to age in place. Don’t allow us to linger in the past and hear about what we can’t do or what we should be afraid of. 

Your vote matters. But moreover, your vote matters to us. And we hope to get the opportunity to show you just how much. 

Susan & Bret