My name is John Goop Mondelli. I am announcing my candidacy as a write-in candidate for Berkeley Heights Township Council. Due to what I believe is extreme corruption that is going on with the current administration I have decided once again to give it a try. I do not claim to have experience in this capacity. I'm just a good old boy from Berkeley Heights who has spent many years involved with many functions, events and aspects of this town. I am not tied to any political party. I don't owe or do political favors. All I can say is I speak my mind and what you see is what you get. I will make no promises, only that I will do my best to make a very transparent government. I think by electing the current administration's candidates, it would give them full control and be detrimental to our town. I believe I have proven that the current administration is corrupt but I hit political roadblocks wherever I go. So I have no choice but to run as a write-in candidate, at least to let you, the people, know the terrible unjustness Berkeley Heights is going through. If you don't think I have the capability of being a councilman, at least think about what you're doing when you vote. If anybody would like to ask questions about my candidacy you may call me at 908 800 4688.