My name is Christopher Rinaldi. As a long-time member of the Republican Party, I am running in the Republican Primary on June 5th for Township Council and Republican Municipal Committee of Berkeley Heights.

As a follow-up to my Candidate Statement from last week, I would like to share with you a few areas of particular importance to me along with those of many residents I have met with over the past few weeks:

  • Real Roundtables – On a monthly basis, provide an opportunity for Residents to participate in a Q&A outside of a structured meeting environment that is casual and spontaneous to share ideas and opinions. I would propose a schedule that varies by day/time of month to allow flexibility in participation.
  • Safety – Outside of the traditional thought of crime and traffic, what are other areas that we also need to take more seriously? As we are near the Passaic River, flooding is a reality for many of us. Back in 2012 (on the heels of Hurricane Irene) a group partially comprised of our Township Engineer, Township Council and NJDEP convened at GLHS to discuss the issue. It was noted that the timetable for reaching a comprehensive, definitive flood and river maintenance plan varies between 5 and 20 years. It is a bit more than 5 years later, and flooding continues with no dredging or authoritative body taking responsibility to remedy the problem and no plan in place. We need to change that…quickly.
  • Shared Services – Continuing the trajectory (where possible) of exploring opportunities to share personnel, services and skill sets throughout Departments within the Township and the School District.

Additionally, I was recently asked while going door-to-door, what are five words that frame a bit about you and your campaign? That was easy…Collaboration, Respect, Safety, Taxes and Transparency. I’ll expand on those more over the coming weeks.

Thank you in advance for your support and please vote Column D in the Republican Primary on June 5th.