I believe shared services is a good thing. It is very cost-effective and gives more resources to perform better duties. But in the case of the DPW, in my opinion, Team Purple has used these shared services to cover up an unproductive Road Department. Mayor Devanney brought in a new Director, who is very good at his job to fix a broken department. But, he can only do so much with so little time and so little resources. The shared service in this case is an easy fix for short-term. It does feed them for a day, but when left alone at some point, will the DPW remember how to fish. Right now they are fully reliant on the County's help. That is, in my opinion, Team Purple's way of controlling the DPW. It is not fair for the Director and the workers to have their department cannibalized to cover up administration's inability to reorganize and make a better department.

Team Purple is also, in my opinion, in control of the administration.  I think it is a conflict of interest that Team Purple's own website is being run by the administrator's previous employment. The administrator was the former CEO of Edge Creative. This is not diversity, this is control.

That brings me to the Democratic candidates. I've said it before and they are two very good people. The problem is they have no control of their own candidacy. In my opinion, Mayor Devanney is in full control of anything they say or do so if elected they must abide by the rules of Team Purple. That's the way politics work. Not to mention, having 6 council people with the same political views.

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Now to my candidate announcement. I must inform you the people that I have no choice but to back out of the race due to pending court action from me against the administrator. I thought by election time it would have been over but new evidence has come forth and it would not be fair for me to run for council having my own conflict of interest still active. So in order to keep balance on the council I urge you the people to please vote Republican. We must hold ground on keeping diversity.

Team Purple advocates that it is not about party lines and about all getting along. Well, let me ask you this, with Mayor Devanney's connection to the County, when was the last time she hired a Republican? This is not about the betterment of Berkeley Heights, this is about the future plans that Team Purple has for the town of Berkeley Heights. The current candidates for Team Purple, I believe, have no idea what's in store once control is achieved. Believe me, I, myself, have been the victim of Team Purple's empty threats. And any employee that dared to be involved with me in any way, has also been threatened. So, get out there on election day and please vote Republican.