Honesty and results. Those two principles characterize my service to our community for the last nine years. I served on Town Council for four years and have been your Mayor for five years. I appreciate the opportunity to serve you and our community, steering it in a positive direction. During this time, I have learned about our Town, identified areas for improvement and been privileged to work with numerous volunteers, elected officials, Township employees, and, of course, Town residents.

I’m proud of the results we’ve been able to achieve to give your children a safe place to live, learn, and grow. I’m working hard to keep this community—our community—moving forward in partnership with YOU. I am excited to be on this journey together. I’m proud to be your Mayor.

So, what tangible results have we been able to achieve together? Under my leadership, we’ve set the wheels in motion to develop public spaces such as Peppertown Park, and we’ve successfully erected a children’s playground in Memorial Park—results you can see. And here are just a few of the economic benefits we’ve been able to attain: 

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  • Major vacant commercial properties in our downtown are being replaced with quality residential units.  This will help provide capital infusion to our local vendors, stimulating the local economy of our business district.  
  • After three decades, we are finally in a position to proceed with building a new municipal building that will offer recreational space and a dedicated area for our seniors, and serve as home to a state-of-the-art library and police station.  
  • We’ve also been able to streamline our Town’s budget process. It now anticipates our future needs and costs, while still remaining within budget constraints. 

We’re on course to complete a number of benchmarks in the future, due to my focus on achieving results while alleviating your tax burden as much as possible. With the installation of a new, technologically innovative process in our Waste Water Treatment facility, Berkeley Heights is now ahead of the curve relative to other towns and is on target to save almost $1 million. Through collaboration and forward thinking, we’re partnering with our Department of Public Works to launch our own in-town bulk pick-up twice each year. This will produce big savings—over  $150,000 annually—the amount of money we’ve had to allocate for bulk pick-ups previously.  We’ve even begun to reap the benefits of a constructive partnership with the Board of Education, designed to conserve costs and stretch our tax dollars while offering our children a superior educational experience. For example, our DPW now handles BOE vehicle maintenance and picks up the garbage. Previously, BOE paid outside contractors for these two services. 

Taken together, these thoughtfully chosen projects move our Town forward in ways that maintain our small-town feeling and affordability. I’m proud that Berkeley Heights consistently maintains its ranking as one of the very best small towns in the State and nationwide.  I have raised my family here in Berkeley Heights. I’m proud that the children of the people who move to Berkeley Heights often decide to raise their families here, making our Town one in which families want to live for generations.  Why? Because at the end of the day, a great Town achieved through honest results matters. It all adds up to a reliable, authentic, conscientious effort to improve Berkeley Heights.  

To implement positive change, you need to have a vision and a formula for actualizing that vision. It takes time to plan, work out the details, and achieve the outcomes that deliver the results sought.  Anyone can offer to implement “change” —but what course of action will be taken to implement such change?  Will these changes ultimately be informed ones that we want as a community, and that are delivered to us as timely, efficiently, and cost effectively as possible? With experience and informed leadership, we can continue to apply good judgment and bring about positive change.

This is why I am asking you, the residents of Berkeley Heights, for your vote to re-elect me as your Mayor in the Republican primary on Tuesday, June 5th.  Please vote for my team and me on the official Republican Party line - COLUMN A. Polls open form 6am to 8pm. 

Thank you.