We are proud to be running to serve the people of Berkeley Heights as Mayor and Township Council members, respectively. As we’ve met with and listened to residents across our town for the last several months, one of the most important things they’ve told us is that they’re sick and tired of gutter-worthy, political mudslinging. Our town deserves better than the toxic politics we see practiced in Washington and across the country these days, where fear is preferred to facts. Unfortunately, we have already begun to see examples of this ugliness pop up in our local politics. Questions like “Who started it?” or “Who’s done the worst things?” do not matter – what matters is that we reject the politics of personal destruction and embrace a constructive, positive dialogue on how Berkeley Heights can remain one of the best towns in New Jersey. 

This is why we have publicly pledged to run an issues-driven campaign, avoiding personal attacks and focusing on what you’ve told us to focus on: how we can work together to bring about Change We Can Agree On in local government. We have asked our opponents to also make this pledge, and will continue to call on them and all residents to join us in making that commitment. We can disagree about the issues, and whether our town government could have done things differently, but we can do it without descending into mudslinging and ugliness.

We are all neighbors, before, during and after we have elections to choose our leaders. If we succumb to the temptation to see each other as political rivals to be beaten, whatever it takes, we all lose, and so does the reputation of Berkeley Heights. We deserve better, and that’s why we believe in R-E-S-P-E-C-T: that together, with mutual respect and understanding, we can make Berkeley Heights an even greater town for families to come to and live in. If you believe this is critical for our town leaders to embrace, we respectfully ask for your vote on November 6th.

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Please visit our website, www.ChangeWeCanAgreeOn.com to learn more about us or follow our Facebook page at Facebook.com/bh4all to send us your questions or comments. Thank you for your support! 

Angie, Stephen & Alvaro