Thank you, Berkeley Heights!  We are humbled, pleased and proud to serve as your Town Council members. We entered this race with a simple promise; to always put Berkeley Heights first! It is rewarding to see that our message of bipartisanship and community first resonated with residents. We fully intend to fulfill our promise and move our community forward. Thank you to Susan Poage and Bret Sayre for stepping forward.  It takes courage to put yourself out there and run for office.

This year’s election was like no other. We worked hard to remain connected to residents. We had to be unique and think outside the box on ways to connect to residents—virtual events, small gatherings, adhering to the pandemic restrictions, phone calls, etc.  Once restrictions were relaxed we masked up and went door to door.  We walked every street, knocked on over 3,500 doors, and spoke to thousands of neighbors. 

There were a couple of key messages from residents.  (1) Our downtown should be a place that brings our community together.  We need to support our small businesses and our local economy. (2) There must be a focus on affordability, while continuing to provide key services. Berkeley Heights needs strategic planning and smart budgeting. We have the right experience to deliver this.  We will work collaboratively to find creative ways to increase services for our residents, including maximizing municipal complex usage and focusing on winning grant applications and promoting smart shared services.  Working collectively, with the township employees, the governing body and our volunteers, we can do this!

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Berkeley Heights is a small community of neighbors, and we are committed to bringing everyone together.  We reject those among us focused on divisiveness and bullying, especially on social media.  In order to weather the remainder of the pandemic, we will need to join arms to, rise above the fray and flourish together.   We are required as public servants to show up this way, and we are confident that we will help move our town forward as one. 

Thank you, again, for electing us.  We will not let you down.