We’re Susan Poage and Bret Sayre, and we’re asking for your support to serve you on the Berkeley Heights Township Council (or to keep serving you, in Susan’s case).

As we get closer and closer to Election Day, we want you to know where we stand on the issues that matter to you. This week we want to share our Fiscal Responsibility platform – how we can make the most of our tax dollars, spending them responsibly and with an eye towards the future. When it comes to taking Berkeley Heights on the record to post-COVID 19 recovery, it starts with responsibly managing our tax dollars – and you can count on us to do that!

Here’s what we’ve done when it comes to being fiscally responsible:

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  • No Municipal Tax Increase. Susan was part of the team led by Mayor Devanney that delivered a Flat Municipal Budget during the height of the pandemic. We will continue to work to ease the tax burden on our residents as long as the pandemic continues and beyond.
  • Supporting Shared Services. Susan has been an active advocate for shared services as a Council member, helping to save the Township over $500,000 a year! Susan and Bret will continue to support the exploration of shared service opportunities to help keep taxes down.
  • Finance Experience. Bret will bring 20 years of experience managing and balancing budgets as a finance professional, navigating complex regulatory environments, and running a small business that operates on a global scale. This kind of experience will be a real asset to Berkeley Heights.  

Together, we’re committed to joining Mayor Angie Devanney and her Administration in continuing the trend of fiscally responsible government that’s been put in place over the last 2 years. This includes finding and securing tax revenue that doesn’t come from you:

  • Supporting increased Developer Sewer Connection fees which will raise $1 million in new revenue, providing a real foundation for fiscal stability in future years.
  • Maximizing financing opportunities such as premiums on bond sales, helping grow our surplus without raising taxes.
  • Evaluating Township construction fees and permit changes to see where reforms can be made to save taxpayers money in the long run.
  • Building on the success of Susan’s award-winning Grants Committee, continue seeking new opportunities for grants for critical projects.
  • Push for an Entertainment Zone at Connell to help stabilize taxes and provide new amenities for our town such as a dog park and small turf field.

Visit our website, http://www.poageandsayreforbh.com to view our full platform and to learn more about us personally.

Send in your Vote-by-Mail ballot, either in the mail or at the voting mailbox at Snyder Park (240 Snyder Avenue). Please vote for us in Column A, and see you around town!

- Councilwoman Susan Poage

- Bret Sayre