Yesterday, Berkeley Heights residents braved the rain and the crowds and made good on what we had heard repeatedly as we knocked on doors all over town. They showed their strong support for us but moreover, they showed that they are ready for change. They demonstrated that Berkeley Heights has a new look, a new demographic that needs to be matched with a new direction. And as part of your Township leadership, we promise to deliver on our commitment to deliver that change - to be more inclusive, to think creatively, and to work across party lines to solve the challenges that lie ahead. “Purple” is not just a campaign theme; it is a mantra that will drive our leadership.

We thank and congratulate Bob Woodruff, Mike D’Aquila and Michelle Greco for their service and dedication to Berkeley Heights over these many years. Their expertise and leadership have been of great value to our town, and we would not be where we are today without you. We have not always agreed on how we can make Berkeley Heights a better place, but all of us have sought to make it better, and that is what counts.

We also look forward to working with Jeanne Kingsley, Pete Bavoso, Manny Couto and Susan Poage in the coming year. We truly believe that by working together, we can achieve results that this Township wants and needs.

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We cannot thank enough all of the supporters who spent countless hours and braved the campaign trail in delivering our strong showing. Whether it was working to make it easier for voters to vote by mail, knocking on doors on our behalf, organizing and hosting our neighborhood coffee meetings, lending your talents with videos and social media, or helping us ensure that the voting process was fair, their efforts were not in vain and their commitment was justified. We are forever grateful and will hold them dear in our hearts.Many of them have become like family to us over the past few months; these are relationships we will cherish forever.

Finally, we thank the residents of Berkeley Heights for demonstrating the power and the value of the democratic process. They came out in droves and exercised a right and a duty to themselves, their families and the future.

Now, it is time to come together and work as a community to make Berkeley Heights the best it can be, welcoming all the talent and passion of our "town of experts" as part of the important work that must be done. Let us all go forward and build a better Berkeley Heights together!