We want to thank all the Berkeley Heights voters who came out to vote for us in yesterday's Democratic primary. It is the official start of our campaign of Progress We Can Count On - a positive, issues-driven campaign that will focus on building on the great changes made under the leadership of Angie Devanney, Alvaro Medeiros, Susan Poage and Stephen Yellin! 

We congratulate Manny Couto and Gentiana Brahimaj on winning the Republican Primary, as well as Tom Maciejewski and George De Luna for putting themselves forward and seeking to serve our town. Our campaign color is purple for a reason: it's what you get when you bring blue and red together, and we welcome the support of all voters who believe in putting progress ahead of politics. 

We look forward to continuing to campaign across Berkeley Heights in the months ahead, and listening to residents like you on how we can continue to make our town a better place. We'll offer real solutions and support the record of accomplishment that Mayor Angie and her team have compiled, and we look forward to a substantive debate on the issues that matter to Berkeley Heights residents. 

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See you around town! 

- Julie Figlar & Rina Franchino