To the Editor: Although the Library is closing on December 4th, behind the scenes work for the move has already begun.  Our goal is to open as early in January as possible.  Just keep in mind, as everyone who has ever moved knows, expect the unexpected.

Staff has been busy selecting the items which will move to the temporary facility.  Selection is based on usage reports including number of circulations and date of last use. Staff experience also plays an important role in knowing which titles may have had limited use, but are part of annual school assignments.  We will have some available storage space, so summer reading and seasonal titles will only be displayed when needed.

Professional movers arrive on Dec. 5th to pack the remaining collection and move it to storage.  This will take several days. The success of the move to the Municipal Complex is based, in part, on the books going into the boxes in order and coming out of the boxes to the shelves in the same order.  At that time, books coming from our temporary location will be integrated into the collection.

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The next step is disassembling the shelving to be reassembled at our temp. location.  The shelving will be reconfigured to give us the flexibility to use as much wall space as possible, including the wide hallways.  At this point, items will be reshelved.  

The building we are moving into was built in the mid-1960's, well before the standards now necessary in public facilities. Wiring upgrades are needed before moving our computers and servers.  Then the network can be put back together.  Our existing telephone system is hardwired, so a new system will be installed which can move with us.  We are working to keep the disruption of on-line services to a minimum.

Several changes are needed to make the building ADA compliant and functional as a library.  Among the improvements:  family bathroom with changing table; improved lighting; larger interior window openings for the Circulation Department; fire alarm system, etc.  Tasks such as painting and carpet cleaning will be taking place whenever possible.

This move is the result of the hard work and cooperation of the Library Board, Township Council and Little Flower Church.  Now we ask the public to understand that the staff will do everything they can to get the library up and running as quickly as realistically possible.