I recently had the pleasure of joining Town Council Candidates Bret Sayre and Susan Poage on a run through Berkeley Heights. Bret and Susan led me on a face-masked tour of some of the hilliest streets in our beautiful town. The stunning fall scenery confirmed why I live in this town and Bret and Susan’s company affirmed my faith that they will lead Berkeley Heights in a positive, responsible, transparent manner.

Bret has been a fixture in our life since my oldest daughter began playing softball with the Heights Heat. We have come to know Coach Bret as a kind, thoughtful mentor who dedicates countless hours to our towns’ youth. He has proven himself to be an inspiring presence who has limitless creative energy. I’m still getting to know Susan personally but have been impressed with her tireless work both on the Town Council and at Mary Kay McMillan ECC.

They truly understand the lay of the land in Berkeley Heights, both literally and policy-wise. Bret and Susan see a beautiful, vibrant community with so much economic and social potential and have laid out detailed, robust plans that tap into this potential. They want to support our local businesses and revitalize our business districts, improve our aging infrastructure and recreation facilities, and protect all our residents with programs for First Responders and Senior Citizens. And, they plan to do all of this in a fiscally creative and responsible manner. Their priorities are my priorities and I have faith that they are the best people to get the job done well.

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Bret and Susan began their running tour of Berkeley Heights as a way to connect with residents in a socially-distant manner back in June when it was not safe or appropriate to campaign door-to-door. As a participant in the event, however, I believe it has become so much more. Bret and Susan are committed to our town in a very tangible sense; they have put an immense amount of time, physical effort and energy into getting to know the needs of our community. If you have not had the chance to greet them on your street, I encourage every resident to lace up, mask up, and join in. After all, they only have a handful of runs left.

As candidates and as people, Bret and Susan are truly inspiring. And as Town Council members, they will continue to “go the distance” for every resident.