On Sunday, September 25th I attended the Little flower Church Sunday mass service being held at Lower Columbia. I am sure you saw all the advertisements about it taking place down there. It disgusted me to see that once again the Berkeley Heights Democrats choose politics over everything.

The Poage and Sayre campaign led by George Devanney had their LED electronic billboard drive through the park during church services.

This isn't the first time this happened. In 2018, the Angie, Yellin and Medeiros campaign had the electronic billboard truck parked in the Little Flower Church parking lot for all to see when leaving Sunday mass services. In 2019, the Democratic candidates had the electronic billboard drive by their opponents fundraiser.

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This year they stooped to an all-time low by having the electronic billboard come by in the middle of outdoor church service. Though this tactic is perfectly legal, but it shows you the moral character of the democratic campaign tactics.

As stated last year, I do not think the Democratic candidates are bad people or even have a choice in their own campaign tactics. I think if the Democratic candidates ran on their own merit and had their own input in their own election and not be tainted by the Democratic machine that rules them --  I do believe the candidates know this is disgusting behavior and must be liable and give no excuses how this happened.

You're not going to tell me that the Democratic candidates over the past three years did not know what was going on. Most of the town was very vocal about the LED billboard in prior years. So don't try to say we had no idea. It was intentional and it was disgusting.

I am sure they will be interrupting Trick or Treat by having electronic billboards drive around residential neighborhoods just like they did in 2018. They have no shame.

Just remember something -- when you go to vote, whether it's local, county, state or federal government -- please don't vote on hate. Vote on your own policies. Do the research.