It was quite an exciting couple of weeks.   Congratulations to Mayor Woodruff for winning under an impressive turnout.  I also want to congratulate Michael D’Aquilla and Michelle Grecco and their Republican Municipal Committee candidates on their win.  

I would like to sincerely thank all of you who came out and voted especially those who supported the “Respect The Taxpayers” ticket in this Republican Primary.  

Each election we continue to gain momentum and more people are becoming aware of the local issues in town.  I believe contested elections are healthy and I am glad to see more people turning out and getting involved.  This year’s record turnout in a primary election shows that more people than ever are taking an interest in how our town is governed.

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I met so many nice people in Berkeley Heights and had many interesting conversations - it made the campaigning easier and very enjoyable. I also made some new friends along the way, including a few who did not see eye to eye with me as we built mutual respect for each other through healthy debate on the issues.  

It was great working with Chris Rinaldi and Diana Mara who did a wonderful job and were really easy to work with.  I would like to thank the entire team that worked so hard on our campaign, those that were on our ballot as well as others who helped out in so many ways.   It was an exceptional team and a wonderful experience working with everyone. Thanks again!

Tom Maciejewski