Did you know that when you purchase something from a small business an actual person does a happy dance?! This is an actual fact! We are finding that the general public does not understand the true effect this pandemic is having on small businesses.  I am on the Berkeley Heights Economic Development Committee and my daughter Hilary has played a significant role creating Business Aid: Berkeley Heights fundraising effort. We have both been on conference calls and Zoom meetings with fellow small business owners, government officials (municipal and state) and are also dealing with our own struggles first hand. The facts are — we (small businesses) are not getting what we need.  Unemployment is a complete disaster, hard-to-get government loans and grants have extremely detailed stipulations — they, quite honestly, seem like a giant trap and our governor shows no indication of opening us up soon.  A lot of us are struggling with staffing problems - not enough staff or not enough space to support proper social distancing for the amount of staff our business necessitates.  The struggle of pivoting our business strategies to somehow find success in this new sales route of curbside pickup and delivery.  Many businesses, like ours, are struggling to get products as supply chains remain completely disrupted.  There is nothing easy about this, not one thing.  

With all this said, we would be completely lost without you, your support, your orders, and your kind words. Literally every order helps us pay a bill. Every order helps us stay afloat as we weather this storm. Every order spawns a dance party. We cannot thank you enough, sincerely.  As we navigate the days ahead, we small business owners simply ask for your continued patience and understanding.  This letter was inspired by an Instagram post from Shaded Kids (@shadedkids), a fellow small, family business in Lavallette, NJ. This just further illustrates the scope of how small businesses are being affected all across the state, the United States and likely the world.

Cheri Pertesis

Anything Floral, 411 Springfield Avenue, Berkeley Heights