In these uncertain and divisive times, I look to support people who are positive and those who inspire and care about others: Susan Poage and Bret Sayre are two of these people. From their proposals for open office hours to the Running For BH campaign tour, they are bringing fresh ideas to make Berkeley Heights even better.

Susan and Bret have a positive outlook on the future of our town, and how they can contribute to its potential. They have developed a sound platform for economic stability and growth. Residents have complained for years about empty storefronts and other issues in our town. Susan and Bret have new ideas to help our community businesses and to remove barriers to a thriving downtown.

Susan and Bret are both personally invested and involved in our community and will work for all residents. From our oldest to youngest, we want a town that everyone can enjoy.  We want new residents to feel welcome, and long-term residents to be valued. Susan and Bret will work with the various councils, committees, and boards to make sure no residents are left out or left behind. They have spent the past few months literally running every street in town, as a way to get to know it better, to meet people on the way and to get to know their concerns.  

These are especially difficult times due to the pandemic, and I want to elect people who are ready and willing to find new ways to approach and solve problems. Susan has brought a unique perspective to Council in her past three years. Bret is eager to bring his professional and community experiences to this role.  I encourage you to join me and vote for Susan Poage and Bret Sayre.