First, I’d like to commend all of the candidates running for the BH BOE.  It is a selfless and largely unrecognized role that serves a very important purpose in our community.  Thank you to each candidate for your willingness to volunteer your time, energy, passion and commitment to make a better experience for our children.

I’ll be honest, this is the first year that I voted for BOE representatives. It’s the first year that I’ve joined a BOE meeting. In a year with a global pandemic and national social unrest, it’s the first year that I’ve personally felt the impact of the BOE vote on my family.

I’ve known Ramya Kasthuri for 7 years now. Our eldest children met in pre-school at Montessori and our youngest have known each other since birth. Alongside Ramya and Al, my husband and I have had the pleasure of watching our children blossom and grow, now in 1st and 4th grades together.  Ramya and I became fast friends, both full-time working moms figuring out how to raise 2 children to be strong, educated, well-rounded and kind members of society. 

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I was thrilled when I learned Ramya was running for the BOE. Ramya possesses so many qualities that I admire:

  • Her ability to balance an accomplished career equally with her involvement in her children’s education
  • Her passion to get involved and make a positive impact on the community
  • Her ability to inspire others to get involved
  • Her willingness to speak up and engage in the difficult conversations, for the betterment of our children’s education
  • Her determination to advocate for what is right, fair and equitable
  • Her multi-racial household that brings a very important perspective on understanding diversity and inclusion in our school system

Ramya, along with her running mate, Joy Young, have children at every level of our school system, making them in touch with what is happening right now at all age groups.  In addition to focusing on education, they strive to instill inclusivity, equality and kindness throughout our education system.  This is why I voted for Ramya Kasthuri and Joy Young.