The police murder of George Floyd by a police officer in MN is something we all seem to agree on was an abomination and an example of wanton criminal police brutality. Nothing can bring back George Floyd who was allegedly being arrested for trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill or some such. He certainly didn’t deserve to die for it.

Much of the hype seems to want to make this a racist incident. It’s possible that it was but it also may not be. Yes, the officer was white and the victim was black. We don’t know what was in the mind of the ex-policeman who had his knee on the neck of a handcuffed George Floyd who said he couldn’t breathe. We do know that the policeman had a history of violence over the years and there were several complaints about him. The important thing going forward is that we follow the law and the consequences it requires. The policemen have since all been fired, and one has been charged with murder. The other three were also charged. The system is working.

In the wake of this, we have seen protests. We have also seen rioting, looting and violence. The protests are OK; the lawlessness that is going with it is not. Just like the rogue police who are being prosecuted under the law so should the rioters and looters. This is a breakdown of civil order and if local governments don’t stop it, it will likely get worse.

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Most law-abiding people agree that racism is bad and most do whatever we can to not be a part of it.

Irrespective of any perceived racism that occurs, it is not a license to commit other crimes.

All the rioting, looting, and destruction of property and violence should stop and if it doesn’t, law enforcement needs to take strong actions to see that it does. This includes arrests and corralling those who are committing the violence in the name of supposed racism.

Acquiescing to those who would cry racist and commit crimes and tacitly condoning them by not denouncing them in response to it are not helping society heal. They are making it worse. We are a nation of laws. Skin color should not matter. We know it isn’t perfect and have continually tried to improve it. But it is currently the best system in the world.

In a nation of 325 million, with 800,000 law enforcement officers, in 2019 there were 10 instances of unarmed blacks being killed by police. By contrast 20 unarmed whites were killed by police.
There is no systemic racism.

Stop the looting, Stop the rioting. Stop the violence. Let the system work. We all agree that George Floyd’s death was a gross injustice. Let’s not make it worse.