I am writing to share my enthusiasm for two Board of Education (BOE) candidates: Joy Young (#1) and Ramya Kasthuri (#5).  I feel we are lucky to have two exceptional candidates who care deeply about the quality of education for all students. As a parent of young children, I believe Joy and Ramya are the best voices to represent me at the BOE.

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear Joy and Ramya speak at their October 6th Listening Session. It gave me a front row perspective on how they would conduct themselves if elected to the Board. They opened the session to everyone in the community – every parent, teacher, student, and concerned member of Berkeley Heights. I witnessed Joy and Ramya listen to each person with empathy and a genuine interest to learn the differing perspectives and concerns of our residents. It was great to see the commitment they have to their platform of communication, academics, and connection PRIOR to the election! I encourage you to hear for yourself by joining one of the upcoming sessions.  A link can be found on their Facebook page - Young and Kasthuri for Berkeley Heights Board of Education.

I believe Joy and Ramya also have the professional experience that makes them uniquely qualified for the BOE. Joy is a strategy lead for J&J who is creating a guide for how the company can manage through the COVID-19 crises.  Ramya was a former teacher and understands the importance of the “parent – teacher – student” communication.  Currently, she is a practicing attorney who understands what it takes to negotiate effectively and equitably for all parties involved. As we maneuver ourselves through this pandemic and find our “new normal” for our community and schools, I am confident that Joy and Ramya’s experience will be invaluable.

Joy and Ramya would be great additions to the BOE. I'm excited to vote for them and I urge you to do the same!