Yesterday the BHEA publicly announced they are supporting and helping to fund the Poage & Sayre campaign. The BHEA announcement implies that there were more than 2 Town Council candidates interviewed. However, we did not participate in the screening process.

On September 17, 2020, we made a public statement stating, “there should be a clear separation between partisan politics and our children’s education.”  “We are unclear why the BHEA is seeking to be involved in the upcoming local election given that the Town Council has no authority or control over education policy. The Berkeley Heights Public Schools are the responsibility of the Board of Education, a non-partisan, elected body.” 

We spoke with teachers in town who are outraged the BHEA is helping to fund a local political campaign.  We urge the BHEA to focus on supporting our teachers and children and not local political campaigns.

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Statement from BHEA to Town Council candidates:

“As an endorsed BHEA/NJEA candidate, the greatest benefit is that you will receive a monetary reimbursement for some of your campaign advertising, which would include the NJEA endorsement. In addition, other benefits that candidates have received in the past have included: volunteer campaign workers, NJEA sponsored mailers sent to NJEA association members, and an automated call to all NJEA members.”  

We both currently have children in Berkeley Heights public schools and understand firsthand what a difficult time this is for our teachers and children. As Town Council members we will do everything possible to support our teachers and our children.    

September 17th response to BHEA: