To the Editor:

I had the privilege of attending the GL Volleyball banquet. At the banquet it struck me that there are so many people who deserve a big “Thank You” for having a hand in creating such a positive program for the girls.

First, the Board of Education deserves thanks for approving this experiment four years ago. The Athletic Director Ann Clifton and the Volleyball Committee of Jane Sottosonti, Nancy Reiner, and Patrick Fuhrmann, deserve credit for doing the heavy lifting required to launch the program. The Berkeley Heights PAL deserves a shout out for the financial support it provided to the program as well as launching a youth volleyball league. The Berkeley Heights Recreation Department also contributed to the program. Coach Brokes and Coach Hess helped sustain the program and develop the players of tomorrow. And last, but not least, Coach Dana Hilaire deserves a huge thank you for molding a program that teaches teamwork, accountability and leadership to the 40 girls under her care.

The values that these players have learned from participating in the program will serve them well, long after the glow of an undefeated conference championship and a 15- 3 record have faded.