I am sitting here thinking about this whole Town Hall mess.and I couldn't help it but it reminded me of the most famous beautiful cruise liner in the world, the Titanic. There was so many reasons the beautiful ship sank. You see they used cheaper metal to build it. There were heavy time restraints, there were so many engineers, workers, crewman. Investors who pushed this ship to its limit. But the one guy who had no say in the safety concerns and building process. What's the man who drove it? He is the captain. He's responsible for the safety of all the passengers, workers, anybody on that boat was in his hands. Although it's not fair, but he is responsible for the sinking of that ship. Okay back to Town Hall. Many people had their hands in this project. Many people made decisions as to how it would be built. The problem is nobody has addressed the elephant in the room. Nobody has asked the question. Who is our captain? Who do we rely on to make sure contracts are done correctly? Fiscal responsibility. Day-to-day operations of every aspect of the inner workings of the Township of Berkeley Heights. I don't understand how both sides, both parties, and all people involved haven't addressed the responsibility of our captain, Administrator Captain Liza Viana. There are many people who have some responsibility of the disgraceful way this project was handled. And it goes from previous administration right to current administration. But at the end of the day our captain must assume responsibility and accountability. Being a nice person and caring doesn't cut it when you're dealing with millions and millions of dollars. In my opinion, our captain has gone to her quarters to rest as did the captain of the Titanic. And while resting we struck an iceberg. She must be held to some accountability on the way this project has derailed.