As we all know by now the paid press release which was headlined “Team Devanney” has been edited.  I must say the change of events at first were confusing and I personally had to retract a letter to the editor in regards to the first article. 

So, what have I and others learned in the aftermath from statements made after this article was published? In my opinion:

We learned everybody has their own agenda including me. 

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We've learned that a Democrat has asked for a recount in an election that many think was designed to give Democrats the advantage.

We've learned Team Devanney will throw anybody under the bus to protect themselves, which I have had a personal experience of.

We've learned the mayor suddenly wants to work with Republicans. 

We've learned Bret Sayre is a pretty rational guy and might be the man to clean up the Democrat party.

We've learned the loyalty of Susan Poage to Team Devanney means nothing.

And lastly we learned to believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.

I think it is clear now that any future Democrat candidates should think about running their own campaign without interference.

This has been a trying year for all of us, and we still have a little ways to go, so park the bus and let everybody out and let's all work together. 

Everybody stay safe and try to have a wonderful holiday season.