McMane Avenue has been used by the county as a u-turn for westbound I78 for years. However, with the use of GPS equipment, hundreds of trucks use this road to not perform a u-turn, but to get off one exit early to go to Weldon Materials at the bottom of Diamond Hill Rd. They start at 4:30 a.m. and must change gears due to the turn and the hill. Literally there can be one per minute. The noise level is deafening. Many times residents get shaken out of bed. A quick look shows that using the next exit would put all truck traffic on non residential streets. I contacted the county engineers who said that the State make the decisions in this case. I contacted the state who believe truck usage can be restricted, however it will take the county to perform various studies.

Children walk on this road. Schools use it for training runs.

We need help from the township, readers, whoever.

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Can at least someone measure the noise level?

With an exit a single mile away, why is this so hard?

We are begging the township and the county to help.