Our community is changing every day.  We are not the Berkeley Heights of 20 years ago. In response to our growing diversity, our district also needs to change.  We need to create an educational experience for our children that is both supportive and welcoming of all children in town.

Over the summer, our District and our Board of Education began the process of proactively addressing issues of diversity and inclusion of ALL children (special needs, LGBTQ, etc.).  Ramya and Joy were and continue to be actively involved in these initiatives.  They had the courage to pose the tough questions to the Board and the District.  They were creating parent groups, discussing innovative strategies (including next steps), and getting input from both current students and alumni of GL. Most importantly, they were active at the board meetings during which these extremely important topics were discussed. 

In addition, Ramya and Joy fully supported the creation of the various diversity committees developed by the District.  These are forward-thinking initiatives and Ramya and Joy were openly supporting these steps.  They encouraged fellow parents, including me, to participate.  They want all students and all parents to have a voice.  

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Ramya and Joy will push for growth where it is needed.  As board members, I know they will help to create a school system that other systems aspire to be like.

Please vote for Ramya and Joy for BH BOE.