Dear Editor, I see that Ramya Kasthuri is running for the Berkeley Heights Board of Education. There have been 11 elections held in Berkeley Heights since 2015, the year she moved to Berkeley Heights. She has not bothered to vote in any of them. I am attaching the voter history record of Ms. Kasthuri for that time period. Prior to 2015 since lived in New Providence and did not vote in any of those elections either. In fact she did not even register to vote in New Jersey until 2010 when she was 29 years old. Voting is a civic duty and is usually the final act of a deliberative process of sifting through public information about the candidates and their positions. I find it very odd that someone who has not shown any interest in doing that for 12 years has suddenly decided to run for the school board. For this reason I don’t think she should be on the Berkeley Heights Board of Education. Sincerely, Thomas Foregger