One of the most important, yet commonly unrecognized functions of a BoE is how it acts as a safety net for the local education system. In typical fashion, it connects the public (namely the parents) to the open deliberation over the directives to the superintendent. Properly functioning, it provides for fairly scrutinizing policy that sometimes can have long-lasting effects on our education system.

It is then rather significant for a BoE member that understands the far-reaching effect they have on the value of that system. That their conscious and deliberate choices have consequences: especially when consensus drives a policy change while missing, or worse ignoring hidden negative consequences of decisions that are regarded generally harmless.

I am supporting Sai Bhargavi Akiri for BoE.  Having worked closely with Sai on township initiatives and past campaigns, I know Sai has that reasonable voice and desire to hear all opinions while giving each and every decision the attention our children deserve.