We were so glad when we heard from Sai that she was running for Board of Ed! We have known Sai for a number of years. Without a doubt, we can say that she is going to foster much-needed transparency and promote an effective usage of the budget by reflecting opinion from others. Like how organized and successful she is in her professional project management work, she will include key stakeholders to frame meaningful change.

Sai's strong educational background, exposure to multiple cultures and knowledge of how different countries in Europe and India approach education will add a desired perspective on our BoE.

While we are busy at work and may not be able to attend all BoE meetings, we know Sai will do her best to make sure we are aware and have a voice on important decisions.  Her candidate statement on a more community informed process for change (https://bit.ly/310UgfI) is the kind of idea many parents have been asking for.

We wish all the best to Sai and are looking forward to a change in our town!