To the editor:

Now that the 2017 election is over I would like to congratulate Susan Poage and Jeanne Kingsley in their win.    

I would also like to thank all of the people that helped out with the campaign and those that came out and voted for me or otherwise supported my candidacy. While we didn’t win, about one in five of the people who voted in Berkeley Heights chose to give us a vote, some even venturing a bit voting differently than they are used to.    

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I also think there were a few other victories. Many more people are getting involved in local politics and many more people are aware of the local issues that affect us.   

I am very proud of our accomplishments this year running a 100 percent factual, honest, clean and sincere campaign. Again thank you to those who have supported me and the movement for honest and open government, fiscal conservatism and lower taxes, and also thank you to all who took part in this campaign and the election process in any respect.   

See you all in 2018.  

Edmund Tom Maciejewski, Berkeley Heights