Endorsement Letter for Sai Bhargavi Akiri, Candidate for BOE, 2020

Our family moved here seven years ago and are proud to call Berkeley Heights, home.  One of the factors that drew us here was the School District. This year there are two seats up for election and I am writing to endorse Sai Bhargavi Akiri. I have known Sai Bhargavi for close to almost seven years and within that time, I have not only come to know her as a close friend, but as someone who is a dedicated and an active citizen. Whether it is attending countless Town Council or Board of Education Meetings after a long day at work or spending time on weekends taking care of elderly neighbors as well as volunteering at the Rescue Squad, she is a passionate and outspoken part of our community. The many endorsements she has already received so far is a testament to her wide support in our town as well as her amazing ability to make friends and form deep connections within our community.

One of the things I really admire about Sai Bhargavi is her enormous energy and deep commitment. She is the one who asks uncomfortable questions and will not shirk from doing her homework. During her BOE campaign, she has made a point to listen and hear firsthand what parents are dealing with especially during these uncertain times. Having an elementary aged child, she has her pulse on the ground. If elected, I am confident she will continue to be open to input from a wide array of sources before making the right decisions for our children. Being in Academia myself, first as a Research Scientist and then as a faculty member at Kean University, I am a strong advocate for public education. I know how schools play a critical role in nurturing our children and getting them ready to step out as Global Citizens. Berkeley Heights Schools are great but we can do better and I can think of no better candidate than Sai Bhargavi Akiri.  The Pandemic has raised unexpected as well as unique set of challenges for our teachers and our children and now more than ever we need someone who is willing to think outside the box. I strongly encourage you to read her initial candidate statement, if you haven’t already. I hope you will join me in giving one of your votes to Sai Bhargavi Akiri and vote Column 3.