In two decades of professional work with Boards of Education, I’ve come to appreciate the vital guardianship roll that  boards play in the system. Good Boards set policies that advance the community’s vision for its children’s education, and identify and implement best policies to implement these shared goals. 

It is as a result of my professional experience as a Head of School, and my personal experience parenting five children through BHPS, that I urge residents to consider voting for Sai Bhargavi Akiri to serve our community as a Board of Education member.

Over the past fourteen years of my active involvement, I’ve found that while our BOE members bring an array of skills and expertise to their roles, there is a glaring absence in representation: the voice of parents, the key stakeholders in the system

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Sai is that voice.

Having worked with Sai on past initiatives that directly relate to the physical and emotional health of children, I’ve found Sai to consistently prioritize learning experiences inclusive for all children, while representing the real feet-on-the-ground issues parents face. 

Intelligent, empathetic, levelheaded and most of all open-minded, Sai has made her voice known on a multitude of issues from opposing the anonymous reporting system and the placement of armed police in schools - actions the BOE undertook without parent input and without veritable tools of accountability. Sai is a passionate advocate of inclusivity for all children no matter their learning need, and of adopting a multicultural sensitivity that will benefit all members of the community.

By virtue of refusing endorsement or support of any special interest this election, Sai demonstrates that her interests are practical, not political.

By virtue of demanding transparency from all decision makers, Sai commits to being accountable to parents and to demanding the same from all BOE members.

Schools do not exist for the sake of the community’s adults, but for the service of its children. Sai will put children first.

I wholeheartedly support Sai Bhargavi Akiri to serve our community on the Board of Education, and urge community voters to take time to get to now this valuable community leader.