Who Is Dmitriy?

That is the question I asked myself in the past year or two. I first chanced across him online in community conversation. When an issue seemed to go nowhere, people starting to get ugly and nasty, personal attacks escalating, in would pop Dmitriy and with one comment, he could sum things up. He based his  opinion on information he knew, coupled with what he could glean from others.  And when he did, I agreed with him, and was happy he brought a sense of sense to the occasion. He truly was an individual who stood out from the pack. When I heard he was running for Town Council, I knew I would vote for him. From what I already saw, I knew I could trust his judgment. I knew he would always make sense. The other Town Council members always boast that they know how to work with millions of dollars. It seems we need now an individual who is a little bit more than a pencil sharpening money calculator. We need somebody in Berkeley Heights who can listen carefully to those around him, and consider everything carefully, before making a decision. Dmitriy has an inner sense of what makes sense. Dmitriy is a strong, confident individual who is not riding on anyone's coattails, nor is he propped up by anyone. Dmitriy Agafonov is his own man, standing in his own Column C, on his own ticket.  For that reason, I am standing behind Dmitriy Agavonof for Republican Town Council at the primaries June 5, 2018.http://WhoIsDmitriy.com