My husband and I moved to Berkeley Heights ten years ago and have known both candidates for years.  Times are changing and with that our town’s demographics continue to change too. I believe residents want to see what we are capable of and that means supporting Susan and Bret so we can continue moving forward. They will help ensure a brighter future for Berkeley Heights and in particular, our children.

“What’s happening now is work is getting done and people see it.” – Susan Poage

Susan works tirelessly for Berkeley Heights residents as a town council woman while still teaching first graders the fundamental building blocks they need to maintain a first-rate education during Covid. She is a starter. Her think-outside-the-box attitude motivated her to lead a grants committee comprised of Berkeley Heights residents dedicated to generating revenue for the sake of improving life for all of us. As a member of that committee I have witnessed her commitment first hand. Our members are actively working towards goals aimed to preserve historical landmarks, allocate resources for our older adults and ensure safety for town pedestrians, just to name a few. Susan’s leadership has made the work we do possible. She is willing to take a stand for what is right and doesn’t get discouraged when faced with a challenge.

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“Everything starts locally.” – Bret Sayre

Bret’s financial skill set complements Susan’s proven experience.  He knows what it takes to help bring Berkeley Heights to the next level financially. As the principal owner of a successful business he also knows what it takes to compete. Personally, I have known Bret since our children were infants. He has an unshakable disposition that keeps him calm and steady no matter what the storm—and when our children were babies there were many (such as Irene and Sandy)! His family brings comfort, joy and humor to all who surround them so, frankly, we are blessed to have him as a candidate because I know he will lead with his heart but always be smart because we need him to be. That’s just who he is.

We need more leaders who are proud of our diversity and are willing to take a stand to protect it. Both Susan and Bret employ their experience in ways that educate and inspire our diverse Berkeley Heights youth on a daily basis. They will take a stand for our families and leverage available resources rather than squander them or play politics. They will speak up about what is right and speak out against what is wrong so our residents can rest assured their hard-earned tax dollars will be honored regardless of their skin color. 

Susan and Bret will represent the modern values our town residents believe in and will reach outside their inner circle to work with others on town, county and state levels to accomplish goals that will strengthen us! And they will reach out to our small business owners and work with them to help them succeed.