Dear Editor,

We would like to thank the residents of Berkeley Heights for their strong support in the Republican Primary.  We are grateful for the broad base of support from Republican and Unaffiliated voters, as well as many Democrats throughout our campaign. 

Together we continue to make Berkeley Heights a great place to live and work.  Our dedicated Township employees along with so many citizen volunteers are a strong team with diverse skills and talents. We all work together to move our town forward towards a shared vision of a thriving community.

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To our Republican opponents, we thank you for your efforts and participation in the election process.  We are all neighbors and it is by working together and finding common ground that we are successful.  We look forward to talking with all people in our community and finding ways to use everyone’s ideas to continue this forward momentum.

It is an exciting time in Berkeley Heights – where years of hard work are coming to fruition.  We have a truly special community where everyone has a voice, people are speaking out, and your leaders are listening.  We are proud to live here, volunteer with you, and represent you as our Mayor and on our Town Council.

We wish to thank the many people who helped with our campaign and to our families, who not only supported us, but encouraged us every step of the way.  We look forward to working with and listening to more residents in the months ahead.  Change is happening here in Berkeley Heights – a shared vision for a thriving community for all.  We look forward to continuing this momentum together.

Thank you,

Bob Woodruff, Mike D’Aquila and Michelle Greco