As a parent of four children both former and current students in the Berkeley Heights school system and a long-time resident of Berkeley Heights, I am excited to see so many individuals wanting to serve their communities on the Board of Education. I am particularly excited about candidates Joy Young and Ramya Kasthuri. 

Their platform of clear COMMUNICATION, focus on ACADEMICS, and making a CONNECTION with all members of the Berkeley Heights community really resonates with me. I strongly believe that they are the best choice to serve our community for the following reasons: 

  • Joy Young has several years of experience in change management and can bring that strong skill set to our Board of Education. Whether it is implementing new systems or even addressing the current pandemic that we are facing—her unique skill set will prove to be a value-add. In addition, Joy currently has children at Governor Livingston High School and both children have gone through all of the lower grades in the Berkeley Heights School District. She knows what has worked and what may need tweaking from her own personal experience and can use that in order to make our school system better while at the same time, serving all in the community. 

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  • Ramya Kasthuri brings a diverse set of skills not only as a lawyer, but also, most importantly, as a former Biology teacher.  She clearly understands some of the challenges facing schools today and can bring that viewpoint to the Board of Education. Further, Ramya has children in the lower grades in the Berkeley Heights school system and can bring her unique perspective on how we can improve our school and reflect the voices of all stakeholders when decisions are made. 

Together these two candidates with their complementary skill sets are vital and exactly what is needed on the Board of Education today and in the future. For me the choice is clear, Joy Young(#1) and Ramya Kasthuri (#5) for the Board of Education.