Don’t you wish it was summer?  I love a good snowfall as much as anyone else but all these heavy sweaters and boots are making me wish for flip flops and swimming pools.  Luckily for me I have tons of opportunities to think about summer because (believe it or not) it’s time to plan for internships, jobs, and a whole variety of summer activities.  What’s on the menu for you this summer?

Summer Pre-College.  This is a go-to for many students, especially those aiming for top-tier institutions.  Colleges offer selective on-campus academic camps for high schoolers to give the institution a test drive.  Not only is it a great way to stick a toe in the post-secondary pool (still have pools on the brain!) but a student who completes one of these summer programs is often given a leg up in the college’s admissions process.  Many programs are accepting applications on a rolling basis starting this month.  And yes, I can help you edit those application essays too!

Internships.  For students who are already very passionate about a specific career path this can be a great way to put an industry name on your resume.  Start Googling now to find tons of internship opportunities from paid to unpaid, selective to open invitation.  Just be aware that while the name and recommendation earned might be impressive oftentimes the work allotted to high schoolers isn’t.  In other words: be prepared to become a Keurig expert.

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Summer Camps/Sports Intensives.  Students pursuing athletics or the arts often use the summer as a time to dial in and take some targeted classes or camps to hone their skills.  Many sports leagues extend into the summer making it impossible for students to fit in any of the other options listed.  The good news is that continuing extra-curricular involvement into the summer is a great way to show your passion, skill, and commitment!

Summer Jobs.  A highly overlooked option.  In some ways colleges value work more so than volunteer positions because to hold a job you need to display commitment and responsibility.  Those able to earn promotions can increase this impact!

Volunteer.  Many students find their schedules are so packed during the school year that they can’t fit in community service--so why not do so in the summer?!  Every college application should have at least one volunteer position included but don’t limit yourself to the cliche options many high schoolers pursue.  You can volunteer to referee a peewee sports team, inventory books at the local library, or help out at a local hospital.  Try to find something that aligns with your interests to demonstrate your passion for that field.  If you’re able to find meaningful volunteer work it can have more impact on your resume than anything else.  And consider contributing a good chunk of your time also.  One or two days for a couple hours looks like a student trying to check off a box.  A summer-long commitment will demonstrate how invested you are!

    It’s so important to start thinking about summer now before many of these doors close.  Summer jobs often begin hiring now and applications for internships and pre-college programs have already been posted.  Absolutely think outside the box when it comes to your summer--don’t feel trapped into the few options you hear discussed in the halls at school.  I’d be happy to help you make a summer plan that will be fun, fulfilling, and uniquely suited to your schedule and goals!