BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The Mayor's Round Table has been rebranded to "Berkeley Heights, Here and Now." This new format will continue to provide updates from Mayor Bob Woodruff, municipal offices and the Communications Committee want to hear from citizens, businesses and community organizations.

Included in this episode, Mayor Bob Woodruff addresses the status of the redevelopment and affordable housing projects:

  • 100 Locust Avenue: 55 and older community. Minor issues need to be addressed before they go to the planning board. 196 units, a portion is set aside for affordable housing.
  • Community Pool has been taken over by the YMCA. The conceptual plan is a 30,000 square foot structure.
  • Lone Pine Drive: A developer has come to an agreement to what they plan to develop. Conceptual plan is attractive, said Woodruff. They are required to follow strict guidelines set forth by Article 19. Plans to be residential property. 
  • Vacant land area near Delicious Heights: Owners have not come forward to tell the town what their plans are. 
  • Kings Property: Concerns with owner of Kings and owner of the Station Court apartments. The Kings project will develop the Sherman Avenue area.
  • Movie theater: Developer requested a slight change in downsizing the plans. 
  • Former Berkeley Florist property: 40 to 45 unit property. The developer, Elite, is also in discussions with Vito's Property on Plainfield Avenue. A 10 unit property will be built on Vito's property. A piece of the property will also be set aside for a park, per Vito's wishes.  
  • Connell Property: Over 300 residential units to be built including high end retail.

Community Corner: Dr. DeFabio talks with Boy Scouts from Troop 368 and 68 talk about their experiences.

Council President Michael D'Aquila provided an update on the Hamilton Avenue and Municipal Complex.

  • Hamilton Avenue is out to bid. 80 townhomes and 20 rental units. The sale of this property will offset the cost of the Municipal Complex. 
  • Municipal Complex: An RFP was put out to bid. We want a price from an entity that can do all four projects while we are still going through the design process, said Woodruff. Over 30 firms have responded. The township is still moving forward with the design of the building. Redevelopment law does not require the township to accept the lowest bidder. That's how you control quality, said Woodruff. 
  • Project will be completed in stages with the first being the construction of the Salt Dome, next will be the construction of the complex.