Get ready for the overindulgence of the holidays now. The best defense strategy to avoid gaining weight and becoming inflamed is to start a pre-holiday diet and detox program.

Toxins create metabolic disruption, leading to inflammation, pain and weight gain. Pesticides, preservatives, environmental toxins, personal care products, food additives, household products, the toxic exposure our bodies deal with daily is extensive, and there are steps you can take to reduce the effects toxic exposure has on your body.

First let’s look at food choices. Food impacts your metabolism and dietary toxins are rampant in our food supply. Avoid processed and chemical laden foods- yes junk food - and increase your vegetables and fruits. When possible choose organic vegetation.  The grain based, high sugar and high fat foods need to go. Yes, that includes Grandma’s cookies, candy, processed snacks and ice cream. Remember, a pro-inflammatory state drives weight gain so you need to get off all grains, hydrogenated fats and refined sugars to get your body back on track. Step #1: Do not bring it in the house.

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Once you stop putting the inflammatory and toxic foods into your body then you can begin to detoxify. If you continue to eat poorly while you detox, you will not achieve your desired results. Now is the time to embrace a health oriented dietary lifestyle.

Second, detoxify your body before the holiday parties start. This involves eating foods that are easy to digest, high in fiber and nutrient dense. Both the intestines and the liver need to be cleansed to detoxify properly and the process begins with discontinuing the toxic, high sugar, high fat, high calorie overload to your body.  

Third, stimulate the bowels, liver, kidney and skin (yes, skin, your largest organ) to eliminate toxins, cleanse and heal.  Herbs and whole food supplements are the answer here. One of my favorite formulas for  detoxification is the Standard Process Detox Balance formula – it is made from organically raised whole food concentrates and has plant protein.

This program is a gentle, whole food based and natural way to detoxify your system that is excellent. It is not a fast, so eat enough so you feel full. The optimum time frame is 10 -21 days, depending on your schedule. I recommend a diet detox twice per year. 

This month our Health and Wellness Workshop is on Diet and Detox to set your metabolism before the holidays and to keep the extra pounds off. The workshop is free to attend and will review your steps to achieving health with food and lifestyle. Come by and bring a friend!

The DeFabio Difference Diet and Detox Workshop

Cost: FREE & Open to the Public

When: November 20, 1:45 PM

Where:DeFabio Spine and Sports Rehab

308 Springfield Ave, Suite 6

Berkeley Heights

Please Pre-Register & Call:  908-771-0220